Applications :-
Poly Aluminium Chloride
As a Sizing agent in paper making:
Paper manufactures used PAC as a rosin sizing control in Neutral and alkaline paper production affects the Drainage of liquor from the paper. SYNERGY POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE products offer many advantages for pulp and paper manufactures. The effectiveness of PAC compared to traditional coagulants like alum means that good results can be seen even at a low dosage levels. In papermaking operations, PAC is useful as a fixative to control anionic substances and as a retention / drainage aid. The benefits of SYNERGY PAC in paper making applications are:-
  • Superior control of anionic substances in the furnish.
  • Minimization of deposits in critical areas of the machine due to pitch, stickiest etc.
  • Simple management of the wet end chemistry.
  • Improved filler and fines retention.
  • Improved paper quality.
  • Improved drainage and machine speed.
  • Reduction in downtime due to improved run ability.
  • Provides a powerful two part system in conjunction with high molecular weight
  • Polymers for retention and for save-all operations.
  • Reduction in the use of other wet end additives such as size chemicals, retention polymers and starch.
  • Contributes less acidity to the mill water because it has been pre-hydrolyzed.
  • Can be used with calcium carbonate fillers and neutral size additives because of the higher pH conditions in which it functions.
  • A more rapid formation of the alumina species than alum is achieved - important in high speed operations.
  • Does not contain sulphate ion and consequently eliminates a potential discharge problem from this source.
  • Reduces the discharged load to the wastewater treatment plant.
As Coagulants in Waste Water Treatment:
  • Less Alkali addition (Our Coagulants are already hydrolyzed to high degree)
  • Better flock formation, leading to more rapid settling and longer filter runs.
  • Superior performance in removal of organic matter, turbidity and colour.
  • The ability to function at lower dosages, leading to lower sludge volumes.
  • Negligible heavy metal content.
  • Very low residual aluminium concentration in treated water.
  • Expert laboratory and on site assistance in optimizing coagulant performance.
  • Less consumption in quantity than Alum so reduction in cost.
Comparison of SYNERGY PAC with ALUM:
No. Description SYNERGY-PAC Aluminium Sulphate
1 Consumption Low Quantity High Quantity
2 Price Favorable Favorable
3 Reduction in pH Moderate High
4 Acid fraction Moderate High
5 Salinity of system Low High
6 COD,BOD reduction High Low
7 Gypsum formation Nil Formation of Gypsum at the bottom of system
8 CO2 development Nil Yes
9 CSB reduction Very Good Low
10 Sludge formation of SO4 Nil High
Zinc Sulphate:
Zinc Sulphate is widely used in production of Rayon fiber (In Coagulation baths for Rayon), As Micronutrient in fertilizers , Agriculture sprays, , Animal feed, Production of paint and varnishes, glues, Zinc Sterate and Zinc-Alkyl-di-thiocarbamate (Fungicide), Rubber As accelerator, Titane Dioxide, Flotation of ores, Electroplating and surface treatment. Other uses includes electrolytes for zinc plating, used as a mordant in dyeing, as a preservative for skins and leather and as an astringent and emetic in medicine. An aqueous solution of zinc sulfate is considered to be effective at removing moss from flooring and roofs.

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