Advantage of Synergy PAC
  • Synergy PAC offer the following advantages in water treatment
(1) Less alkali addition (or coagulants are already hydrolised to a high degree)
(2) Better flock formation, leading to more rapid settling and longer filter runs.
(3) Superior performance in removal of organic matter.
(4) Turbidity and color.
(5) The ability to function at lower dosages, leading to lower sludge volumes,
(6) Negligible heavy metal content.
(7) Very low residual aluminum concentration in treated water.
(8) Expert laboratory and on-site assistances in optimizing coagulant performance
Synergy paper PAC offer many advantage for pulp and paper manufacture. Their range of application extends from process water and effluent treatment to paper making process. The effectiveness of PAC compared to traditional coagulant like alum means that good result can be seen, even a low dosage levels. In papermaking operation, Synergy PAC is useful as a fixative to control anionic substances and a retention / drainage aid.

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